One of the most effective methods to reduce the amount of garbage that we throw out (stop and think about it – we all throw out excess stuff in surplus amounts) is to compost it.

Im not going to get in the difference between worm farms and composting here but there is a big difference.

In short , composting is when you get your excess food scraps, throw it in a pile and let it turn to soil. You can donit with pretty much most of the food scraps you have.

Now I hear a few of you going ‘Whoa there fella. Hold on. I don’t want stinky smelly garbage laying around my yard’. To you I say – fair call.

Good thing that there are other options besides making a food hill in your yard. Any good home and hardware stores will provide you with a basic composter bin that is sealed (relatively) from the outside and will reduce (relatively) the smells that they produce.

Some examples of compost bins

In this new day and age with cities and whatnot there is often limited space to put our compost binnin the yard. Good thing there is an answer for that too with miniature compost bins that can be placed right in your kitchen (or bedroom- whatever floats your boat). The soil made from this can then be used for a nice pot plant.

A compost bin that is ideal for any home (big, small, medium, hobbit sized etc.).

The great news. Doing any form of composting will reduce your effect on the environment. While food scraps will decay in the garbage tip it will produce methane gas that is a contributor to global warming. Placing the food scraps to breakdown in the compost bin will expose the food scraps to oxygen and not produce methane as it is not an anerobic environment. You also get some great soil put it that is full of nutrients and is great for food growing.

Composting contribution

○ Reduction in global warming gas being released from garbage tips.

○ Production of soil that can be used for plants/food production around the house.


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