Should I compost that?

There are many a tale about what to compost and what not to compost. Let’s start off with the simple stuff shall we?

Fruit and Veg

The one we all hear about. The safe option. You can compost pretty much all types of food and veg in all types of compost. Avoid onions and other highly acidic food scraps if you have lots of worms present as it may go unfavorably for them. Additionally, try to cut up any veg that may ‘sprout’ in warm, dark, nutrient rich environments (e.g.onion and potatoes). You may find the compost pile/bin turns into a big potota farm (which is great if you like potatos).

Image: American Heart Association

Cereals and bread

In short – yes – go for it. Some cereals may also provide a nice little pick me up of nitrogen to the ole compost pile. Bread will also contribute to the end soil product that is the compost. Just be mindful that these can attract pests so regular turning may be required.


Avoid. It could upset the moisture composition of the compost.

Weeds and Diseased Plants

Sections of the weeds are ok but avoid seeds and seed pods. You dont want them sprouting when you use the soil made from the compost in that oh so awesome vegetable garden. Diseased plants should also be avoided as it may help to spread the disease when you use the soil made from the compost.

Weeds are a no no for composting

Image: WSU Washington


Yep. Go for it if the the wood was untreated.

Excrement from pets (and your own/familys behind)

Ummmmmmm. No. There’s this thing called health risks and…..yeah…….


All animal meat/bone will eventually break down (its the circle of life or something like that). It will, however, bring pets to the compost that are less then ideal and also produce some not so nice smells.

Image: Science Alert

Dairy Products

Please refer to meat info. above.


Paper. Have you ever smelt paper. Waterworld. Great movie. I digress. Yes. It makes a good layering between food scraps. Be wary of paper that is gloss or has high print on it. Anything purely white (or even a newspaper) should be ok. Otherwise recycle options would be best.

Anything cardboard is good for the same reason (just avoid those things outlined above). Oh, and dont forget toilet paper roles.

Tea bags and coffee grinds

Yes. High in nitrogen and phosphorus. Just be wary of the acidic content of the coffee with worms and soil acidity.


Nope. Elastic and plastics can be part of the material and your clothes are coloured. Colouring means bad nasty chemicals. Yuck!.


Yes, yes and god yes. Perfect to help maintain moisture in the soil that is made feom the compost.

If you have any other ideas then pleass leave them in the comment sections below.

Compost World Benefits

○ Reduction of CO2 emissions through transport of soil that you then nees to buy and transport home (and save you $$$ in the process).

○ Reduction in landfill and therefore reduction of climate warming emissions.

○ Increase in insect numbers in your garden which will make for food sources for other animals.


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